The Cocoa Basket Magazine

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The Cocoa Basket is a seasonal publication which was launched at the African & Caribbean Cultural Fun Day in 2009 by the Akeba Economic Development Project Team.  
The Cocoa Basket is a full colour A5 sized booklet and its objective is to show a strong collection of African & Caribbean resources and promote a positive image of the communities’ progress in the region.  It is normally published every March and September.
Thousands of FREE copies are distributed in Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire as well as some cities such as London and Birmingham. Outlets include libraries, retail outlets, restaurants/takeaways, community centres, hair/beauty salons, leisure facilities and straight into the hands of readers. Copies are available at Akeba Events and other popular events.
The Cocoa Basket has been very well received and its readers are eagerly awaiting the next issue.  It has been described as being “much needed”, “very informative” and readers are hoping that “it continues and has longevity.” It has become the perfect opportunity for members of the African & Caribbean Communities to promote their services, organisations, events and businesses.  It has also proved a valuable tool for other agencies and statutory bodies to reach those communities with any current campaigns or general information.
The electronic version is in the form of a business directory on this website below and adverts also appear on our social media pages. The Cocoa Basket App is currently being developed so the resources are easily accessible on smart phones and tablets.